Practical Whitetail Strategies
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Hunting success often depends on the design and management of hunting land.  

If you want to maximize what your property can do for whitetail deer and other wildlife, Practical Whitetail Strategies can help develop a habitat and food plot program that is unique for your property.  

Whether your property is big or small, we can provide sensible, low cost solutions to improve your hunting and keep whitetail on your property.  We'll help you meet your goals - and save you time and money!   

"I have over 25 years of experience hunting and consulting on land types that range from big woods to small ravines to open farmlands.  My consulting has assisted hunters and landowners on properties both large and small - from Michigan to as far west as Oklahoma. On my own 80-acre farm in Michigan, I practice a knowledgeable, aggressive approach to habitat improvement and hunting.  This has helped me hunt and harvest many mature whitetail bucks." 

Mark Lemke is President of the Michigan Thumb Branch of Quality Deer Management, Habitat Chairman for Thumb Branch Pheasants Forever, a Committee member of the Thumb Forestry Advisory, and a graduate of QDMA Deer Steward I & II, as well as a Land Certification Grad.  


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